Sabbath School

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Why Sabbath school:

• builds faith through Bible study and helps unify members worldwide.
• provides fellowship with like-minded believers in a small-group environment.
• provides a “safe place” to express views and ask questions without fear of               ridicule.
• has a consistent world mission focus and helps finance missions.
• reminds us that mission is also found in our own backyard. Class members             often find it easier to reach out as small groups to the community as well as to     inactive members.
• helps members gain insights into the Bible from others’ viewpoints and                  knowledge.
• helps us become more disciplined in personal Bible study.
• provides opportunities to discuss practical applications of Scripture.
• connects people with the source of true authority—the Bible.

Come join us, we look forward to seeing you!

Sabbath School Classes


Beginners (birth-2 yrs.)

Kindergarten (3-5 yrs.)

Primary (6-10 yrs.)

Juniors (10-12 yrs.)

Earliteen (13-14 yrs.)

Youth (15-17 yrs.)

Collegiate/Young Adult (18-22 yrs.)

Adult (23 & up)