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Image result for quiet hour ministry Quiet Hour Ministries

A Christ-centered ministry of servant leaders, imbued with a culture of stewardship that creates confidence and engages supporters.

Image result for Adventist World Radio,Adventist World International Radio

AWR’s broadcasts travel where missionaries cannot go, transforming lives for eternity.

Image result for artv adventistAR TV (You can also get the app for on the go)

ARtv is an extensive collection of short videos on-demand, created to meet the needs of Adventist life-enrichment and evangelism.             

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Image result for adventist directory Adventist Directory (SDA directory worldwide)

Image result for sda fundamental beliefs Seventh-day 28 Fundamental Beliefs

 Adventist Today

Image result for adventist review magazine Adventist Review

 Perspective Digest

Image result for adventist book center Adventist Book Center

Image result for advent source AdventSource  (all your ministry needs)





Image result for adventist firestarters  Firestarters Spiritual Challenges

is a tool for small groups, bible studies groups, class rooms and Sabbath schools to facilitate growth in faith and action. 

Image result for adventist firestarters  Titanic Icebreaker

is designed to intentionally encourage spiritual thought as part of a conversational starter to each class or small group. 

Cover art  Everything SDA 2015 is everything SDA’s would love to have in an app on their phone or tablet. 


Cover art  Sabbath School Quarterly